Monday, 22 November 2010

NGfL Cymru Financial Education

Lovely materials especially the Coin challenge

phrases and pictures

Make a phrase and link it to photos in flickr use Phrasr

Friday, 2 July 2010

Nice list of reasons to use collaborative work
 44 benefits of collaborative work
Just discovered Drop Box- heard of it before but never really thought of using it. The sharing aspect would make it great for collaborative work too.
How about a collaborative online database?- Mango data is reasonably priced and the most intuitive I've used with children

Friday, 21 May 2010

Great site for free online books for putting on itunes
This and more on this blog

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Great sit for all things ecological- this list would be great for engendering discussion in the classroom- 9 not so daft things to save the planet

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Brilliant way to understand words and their multiple functions

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Great slide show program to show slides very quickly

Sounds good- ways to use sound in the classroom

10 ways to use Audacity in the classroom
Easy speak microphones great quick recording for little hands- from TTS

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Games based learning

Had a few interesting days considering use of Second Life to attend virtual ICT education conferences. Only problem was that 'SL' time- which is the same as Pacific Time is eight hours behind us. I have not been motivated yet to get up at 3 in the morning to find out what is happening.
On the subject of games based learning I had the pleasure of hearing Dawn Halleybone at ESIS talking about the use of games consoles in the classroom. Her blog is an inspiration.
See also:

I am going to set up a Wii based project using the 'Endless Ocean' software in one of my schools: should be interesting.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

St David's Day

Good old NGfL Cymru

Merthyr ICT Good Practice conference

Been a while- very busy with the conference. Brilliant to see John Davitt speak- so many great ideas, his philosophy on New and Old tools was insightful, funny and refreshing. Gave me further cause to use Twitter as a source of great ideas. Follow me and note the people I follow for some of the most innovative minds in education today- link to Twitter on the right.
Good wiki on classroom blogging ideas here:

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

General techie sites for teachers

Haven't had time to try this one yet - Free technology for teachers:
Blog with some great links

How to embed anything into your website/blog/wiki

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Googly Apps

I am hoping this will become quite big section as we investigate the huge amount of free applications supplied by Google.
How are others using Google Docs?

How to publish a quiz in Google docs

Digital Natives

Are our children as e savvy as we would like to think?- interesting article on research carried out on googling etc:

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Science stuff

Great site to play with- can use it to engender discussion about forces

Lovely ways to get little ones using the 'Cloud'

You Tube video of children in Moosejaw Canada

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Worth a try- recommended highly on twitter.


5 tips to enhance your moodle course
A site worth watching- free tech for teachers

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Let's all collaborate

E2BN has excellent collaborative tools- Discovery box and Museum box are also very good presentation tools-good for all those fed up with  PowerPoint!
Creaza has a whole suite of possibilities:
and don't forget mind mapping collaboration with Mindmeister.
Google Apps for collaboration will desrve a post all of its own at a later date!

An oldie but goodie- children collaboratively annotate photos/pictures or videos
Share your favourite parts of the day
Great slideshare with ideas for Memiary
Ether pad
Real time sharing by multiple users

Little 'uns

Nice site for activities:

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Communication is the name of the game!

Crack into pdfs -legally.
My favourite free mind mapping tool- can be used collaboratively at the same time: Seriously- this is one to try. Children can share mindmap online - updates without refreshing!
2 connect
Even more in the Cooltools4schools wikispace

Brilliant presentation tool- add audio to make a webinar!
Don't forget the fabulous E2BN presentation tools_
Discovery box

Describe a journey using photos and video

This isn't communication unless you count playing an instrument- for the wannabee rock musicians

Monday, 18 January 2010

BETT highlights and Merthyr conference.

BETT turned up some useful things. The future is interactive plasma screens it seems- both on wall and flipped to form table top! Fantastic 3D also- pehaps these will tour schools in the same way as Star Lab?
Loved the Mantra Lingua pens. Fantastic for adding recording to display/ books etc. Coed y lan purchased one so will be interested to see the outcome.
The E2BN stall was great- useful links to NEN.  To get all age appropriate free tools go to this link

We've booked John Davitt for the Merthyr Conference- hopefully this will enthuse everyone.
Remote Learning -pre Moodle
New ideas for remote learning or linking groups of schools together include using Centra 7 or Flash meeting E2BN, Online Mango databases, wikispaces and using Mindmeister online mindmapping.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A wander round some items that could be useful

Shelly Terrell's Teacher Bootcamp

I particularly like the 30 day challenge!

Electronic Village online

A digital version of Bloom's Taxonomy:

A useful tip for those of us sharing work via Blog/Wiki etc

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Chosing a suitable progression of activities for students

Just came across this- great discussion about two alternative deliveries of a learning objective to produce a brochure- aimed at adult learners but has real implications at all levels of education.

Need to learn more about using Twitter as a PLN

New Blog

Blog Star Date 1
Well, decided to start a new Blog solely to cover my thoughts and links for all things ICT and educational.

On Monday did some Moodle training in a secondary school. Granted it was early days for them but they were intent on loading up all their material from their server, needless to say this was mainly PowerPoint, they didn't want to know about any of the other facilities such as wiki, forums or glossaries- I referred them to Tomaz Lasic's fabulous stuff, and his 2 minute videos. I have to say the 'tinternet' was excruciatingly slow which doesn't endear non ICT folk to anything you are trying to demonstrate. It occurred to me that there is a strong correlation between educators supreme love of PowerPoint and their 'Sage on the Stageness' (Erica McWilliam) - also picked up from the fabulous Tomaz's writings (see Human, first link above).

Storytelling 101