Saturday, 9 January 2010

A wander round some items that could be useful

Shelly Terrell's Teacher Bootcamp

I particularly like the 30 day challenge!

Electronic Village online

A digital version of Bloom's Taxonomy:

A useful tip for those of us sharing work via Blog/Wiki etc

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Chosing a suitable progression of activities for students

Just came across this- great discussion about two alternative deliveries of a learning objective to produce a brochure- aimed at adult learners but has real implications at all levels of education.

Need to learn more about using Twitter as a PLN

New Blog

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Well, decided to start a new Blog solely to cover my thoughts and links for all things ICT and educational.

On Monday did some Moodle training in a secondary school. Granted it was early days for them but they were intent on loading up all their material from their server, needless to say this was mainly PowerPoint, they didn't want to know about any of the other facilities such as wiki, forums or glossaries- I referred them to Tomaz Lasic's fabulous stuff, and his 2 minute videos. I have to say the 'tinternet' was excruciatingly slow which doesn't endear non ICT folk to anything you are trying to demonstrate. It occurred to me that there is a strong correlation between educators supreme love of PowerPoint and their 'Sage on the Stageness' (Erica McWilliam) - also picked up from the fabulous Tomaz's writings (see Human, first link above).

Storytelling 101