Saturday, 23 January 2010


Worth a try- recommended highly on twitter.


5 tips to enhance your moodle course
A site worth watching- free tech for teachers

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Let's all collaborate

E2BN has excellent collaborative tools- Discovery box and Museum box are also very good presentation tools-good for all those fed up with  PowerPoint!
Creaza has a whole suite of possibilities:
and don't forget mind mapping collaboration with Mindmeister.
Google Apps for collaboration will desrve a post all of its own at a later date!

An oldie but goodie- children collaboratively annotate photos/pictures or videos
Share your favourite parts of the day
Great slideshare with ideas for Memiary
Ether pad
Real time sharing by multiple users

Little 'uns

Nice site for activities:

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Communication is the name of the game!

Crack into pdfs -legally.
My favourite free mind mapping tool- can be used collaboratively at the same time: Seriously- this is one to try. Children can share mindmap online - updates without refreshing!
2 connect
Even more in the Cooltools4schools wikispace

Brilliant presentation tool- add audio to make a webinar!
Don't forget the fabulous E2BN presentation tools_
Discovery box

Describe a journey using photos and video

This isn't communication unless you count playing an instrument- for the wannabee rock musicians

Monday, 18 January 2010

BETT highlights and Merthyr conference.

BETT turned up some useful things. The future is interactive plasma screens it seems- both on wall and flipped to form table top! Fantastic 3D also- pehaps these will tour schools in the same way as Star Lab?
Loved the Mantra Lingua pens. Fantastic for adding recording to display/ books etc. Coed y lan purchased one so will be interested to see the outcome.
The E2BN stall was great- useful links to NEN.  To get all age appropriate free tools go to this link

We've booked John Davitt for the Merthyr Conference- hopefully this will enthuse everyone.
Remote Learning -pre Moodle
New ideas for remote learning or linking groups of schools together include using Centra 7 or Flash meeting E2BN, Online Mango databases, wikispaces and using Mindmeister online mindmapping.

Storytelling 101